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Hashwide Built an Attractive Online Booking Platform for SchooliPAL


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Advanced PHP- Laravel Framework

Stripe Payment Gateway

Website, Course Booking Software and Mobile App

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Hashwide developed an intuitive online booking platform for SchooliPAL to quickly and efficiently manage their out of school club solutions to parents, educational institutions and schools to provide club services.

What we did for SchooliPAL:

  • Full Website Design and Development
  • Course Booking Platform
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  • Mobile App Development

About School iPAL

iPAL is the UK’s leading and most advanced booking, payment and management software system for schools, nurseries, preschools, out of school clubs and sports clubs.

The iPAL Software is built to offer a simple and straight forward approach to day-to-day management operations. With over 5000 parents taking part in the initial pilot scheme, iPAL offers a robust and reliable system that will save thousands of pounds each year in man hours, administration and bad debt, while increasing cash flow and ensuring child safety in a care facility. Offering a diverse range of functions, iPAL truly is outstanding, offering its clients a fully tested management system.

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The Problem

The client of School iPAL had an innovative concept in mind which he wanted to develop into a full-fledged online web platform with an online booking platform for before and after-school clubs, care and activities. He needed a platform where he can fully manage and add before and after-school clubs, courses, schools, children and parents in one place.

The Challenge

The challenge before us was to develop the website with a single booking platform from a core concept. Later the idea of creating the platform for self-use shifted to reseller mode or better call it a marketplace with a common booking platform. The latest requirement demanded us to create a master admin, super admin and other managing admin powers.

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The Solution

We worked with them to design and develop the website with special focus on ensuring the after-school clubs, students, parents and educational organisations are guided to the website for what they're looking for.

  • We developed a fully functional & high quality website with an efficient Booking Platform for all the before and after-school club service providers registered with iPAL.
  • We built a fully customised platform to satisfy all their needs, enabled parents to book any event, item or clubs for their children.
  • The parents were then given full control of their accounts.
  • We enabled each service provider to create bespoke live registers and track accounts throughout, create reports, monitor and track old, current and future payments.
  • We have programmed the back-end system using the advanced PHP Language and Laravel Framework. For the front-end development, we used latest CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • We integrated the Stripe Payment Gateway to accept payments at the click of a button, made the communication with parents quick and easy
  • Created a mobile app to allow users to use the system with ease and on the go.
  • We made it easy to securely store and archive all the information fully encrypted while keeping everything under GDPR compliance.

The Result

Hashwide delivered SchooliPAL with an intuitive and user-friendly Web Platform which helped them to empower their services in the field of before and After-school club services. The Platform developed by our professionals helped School iPAL not only to meet their current requirements but also added to the possibility of future expansion.

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